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Sniffin'glue Radio Campus is broadcasted by Radio Campus 93.3 FM every friday at 8 PM and wednesday at 11 AM. Radio Campus is located in the center of Clermont-Ferrand City. Clermont-Ferrand is located in the center of France. France is located in the center of the European Community (12 old dwarves version). European Community is located in the center of the world.

So, I'm doing this from the center of the World. Then, nothing, no one can escape.

Sniffin'glue Radio Campus is a radio show dedicated to musical media, especially alternative ones (fanzines, webzines, genzines, prozines, perzines). Mainstream media are sometimes considered, but they've to really deserv it, which is not so often. Gonzo litterature appears sometimes, if I've got time to read it. Nevertheless, MPB is supposed to make some interventions on this subject.

Young researchers are welcome to talk about their works on popular music.

Fed up with straight edge ? adopt punk colours !

oct_2003_june_2004___________Sniffin'Glue program______________

#1 _ 3_october_guest: Julien Pilaert from Carpe diem fanzine (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

#2 _ 10_october_special_punk_fanzines_guest: Pascal Brule from Kangourou fanzine (Lempdes, France)

#3 _ 17_october_guest : Didier Bourgoin from La Fanzinothèque (Poitiers, France)

#4 _ 24_october_special oi! fanzines_guest: Gildas Lescop for "Honnie soit la oi! : naissance, émergence et déliquescence d'une forme de protestation sociale et musicale" (Nantes, France)

#5 _ 31_october_special_The_Cure_(new_wave_band_from_England)_guest : Dimitri Ramage for "Clinical prescriptions 1976-1987" (Orléans, France) and Gérôme Guibert for "La trilogie noire chez The Cure" (Paris, France)

#6 _ 7_november_guest : DaN from Kerosene fanzine (Montaigu, France)

#7 _ 14_november_special_gothic_guest : Emmanuel Hennequin from ObsküR[e] webzine (Limoges, France)

#8 _ 21_november_guest : Gloria aka Reiko underwater from Famous fanzine/Tsunami-addiction

#9 _ 28_november_special-perzines_guest : Anne Bacheley from Un fanzine à la taille de mes ambitions fanzine

#10 - 5_december_special_metal_